Taste A New Way To Cook

`Fascinating, beautifully written and an invaluable reference book, Taste should be savoured by anyone who loves food and cooking.`  Tom Parker Bowles, Mail on Sunday.

Shortlisted Best Cookery Book, 2004, The Guild of Food Writers.

Taste takes an innovative approach to cooking by looking at how and why we react differently to the five tastes: sour, salt, umami (savoury), bitter and sweet.   Why does lemon juice make fish taste sweeter, or Parmesan make minestrone more tempting? The recipes are designed to create the most appetising combinations while teaching the reader how to use the different tastes more effectively.   

The last two chapters explain how chilli heightens your awareness of taste and how aromatic ingredients such as vanilla or saffron alter your perception of the five tastes.

ISBN: 1 84000 610 2   Mitchell Beazley, 2003, paperback 2006, Whitecap Books, US and Canada. Also as Smaak, Veltman Uitgevers,   Utrecht, 2004 and as La Cuisine des Saveurs, Octopus, Paris 2004



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