Written as part of the Williams-Sonoma Foods of the World series for the American market, this book can be used as a travelogue, culinary history or recipe book.   It describes the vibrant multi-cultural atmosphere of London.   It has special sections on subjects such as London pubs, British cheese, tea, delis and bars, as well as information about markets and different foodie districts. Every recipe is put into its historical and social context from pea and potato samosas to treacle tart. Within the recipe section of the book, youíll also find special panels on topics as diverse as the history of the sandwich and London smoked fish.


Itís been published around the world.   Here are the two English versions.


ISBN: 0-8487-3102-6 published by Oxmoor House for Williams-Sonoma, USA, 2005

ISBN-10:   1905825110,   Bonnier Books Ltd, UK,   2007



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