Simply British

With Simply British Sybil Kapoor has established herself as one of the foremost writers on British cooking. ’ Nigel Slater.

Michael Smith Award for Best British Food Book, 1999, Guild of Food Writers

This book explores contemporary British cooking by examining quintessentially British ingredients such as bacon, blackberries, elderflowers and watercress. It is arranged alphabetically by ingredient, and each chapter contains a practical guide and useful cooking tips as well as recipes such as potted shrimp, roast lemon partridge and lavender pear ice cream.

John Spencer illustrated each chapter with wonderful woodcuts.   My favourite is his tubby lion on a pot of Lyle’s black treacle that marks the start of the chapter on treacle.  You can find it on the Mailing list page.  


ISBN: 1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2   Michael Joseph, 1998, Penguin, 1999




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