Winter muesli

The wonderful thing about home-made muesli is that its infinitely variable, depending on your mood and what is in your cupboard.  This is my current favourite, which I mix to taste.  Normally, I make enough to last me a week or two.

Organic rolled oats

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Dried apple slices

Ready to eat soft dried stoned Agen prunes


1 Tip a generous amount of rolled oats into a large mixing bowl so that they fill about a third of the bowl.  These will form the bulk of your cereal, so feel free to add more later. The picture opposite needs more oats, but shows the size of the different chopped ingredients.

2  Add the sunflower and pumpkin seeds to taste they add a lovely light nutty flavour to the oats. 


3  Next add about 3 handfuls of dried sliced apple.  Using a pair of kitchen scissors, snip the apple into small chunks.  Mix them into the oats to check you have the right proportion of fruit to cereal.  The more apples you add, the sweeter the dish.


4  Finally take about 6 Agen prunes and using the scissors or a knife, cut into rough strips, which are then cut into pieces roughly the size of large raisins. Adjust any element to your taste and decant into a sealed container, ready for breakfast.


Serving suggestions: I just add whole organic milk to mine, but if you had a sweet tooth you could add a little honey or you could use this as a topping for natural yoghurt. 






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