Puree of Brussels sprouts

There are some who like their Brussels sprouts lightly boiled with not even a hint of butter, but there are others who would really rather not face a sprout.   This simple textured puree may be the solution.   The sprouts can be trimmed the night before but make the puree shortly before serving.  

Serves 6

500g Brussels sprouts, trimmed

160ml double cream (or to taste)

salt and freshly ground black pepper


Trim the sprouts and drop into a pan of boiling unsalted water. Cook briskly until just cooked through then drain and cool under the cold tap.   Shake dry and tip into the food processor with the cream.   Process until the sprouts form a bright green roughly textured puree.   Transfer to a clean pan and season to taste.   Reheat when needed.   Donít overcook or their colour and flavour will spoil.


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