Classic English gravy

Classic English gravy

There are two schools of thought on gravy the thin giblet stock school and the lightly flour-thickened classic English school of gravy.   The latter, to my mind, works best when you want a flavoursome gravy to accompany not just the turkey but also to sop up roast potatoes and brussel sprouts.   

Serves 6

3 tablespoons plain flour

225ml champagne or dry white wine

450ml good chicken stock (go to click here for other recipes)

salt and freshly ground black pepper


After removing the bird from the roasting tray, pour off the excess fat from the tray so that you are left with the meat juices and a little fat.   Sprinkle the flour over the tray and using a wooden spoon work the flour into the juices, loosening any crusty bits as you go.

Once worked in, place the roasting tray over a medium low heat and cook the flour, stirring regularly for 3 minutes.   It will colour slightly and start to look cooked. Pour in the champagne, scraping and stirring as you do so, so that the flour is amalgamated into the wine. Boil vigorously until the wine has reduced to thick paste, then stir in the stock so that it forms a thin smooth liquid and bring up to the boil.   Simmer for 10 minutes or until the gravy has thickened and tastes good.   Strain into a small saucepan and when ready to serve, reheat before pouring into a sauceboat.

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