Sybil Kapoor

Food Writer of the Year, Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Awards 2015

Sybil Kapoor is an award winning food and travel writer. Her latest book: Sight Smell Touch Taste Sound - A New Way to Cook is published by Pavilion Books on 6 September, 2018. It explores the world of multi-sensory cooking. ' A fascinating and important book inspiring and a joy to read' Claudia Roden.

For further information, please contact Komal Patel at Pavilion or Sybil Kapoor via the Get in Touch page on this website.  

Sybil will be speaking at the following events:

Saturday 15 September: Abergavenny Food Festival:

Monday 24 September: The Food Talks Series 4 with Honey and Co:

Thursday 11 October: The Cheltenham Literature Festival at The Daffodil, A Sensational Lunch:

She has won five national awards for her books, cookery writing, food journalism and broadcasting, including two prestigious Glenfiddich Awards, two Michael Smith Awards from the Guild of Food Writers for work on British food and Fortnum & Mason's Food & Drink Awards for Food Writer of the Year 2015. 

Sybil's other cookery books include  Modern British Food, Simply British and Taste A New Way to Cook. “My books allow me to develop my ideas, but are always focused on how to create delicious food at home.” In  Simply Veg: A Modern Guide to Everyday Eating  (Pavilion), for example, she says “I had a lot of fun trying to create recipes that bring out the best of a vegetable while packing in as much information as possible about each vegetable from practical tips to their history.  Did you know that chillies were cultivated commercially in England in the 19th century or that Samuel Pepys cited cucumbers as a cause of death in 1663?”

She also works with Borough Market and curated their summer 2016 and 2017 series of debates and talks with some of Britain's leading people in the food world ranging from Pierre Koffmann and Claudia Roden to Bee Wilson and Jay Rayner.  

Born and brought up in the English countryside, she embarked on a career as a chef in London and New York.  In 1985 she became sous chef at Jam’s, Jonathan Waxman’s first restaurant in New York.  On her return to London she became head chef at Clarke’s, later moving to Café Kensington, both of which specialised in fresh-tasting modern food.  Her love of seasonal ingredients soon led her to an interest in British cooking, then considered unfashionable.  Captivated by its clean flavours and simplicity she began to promote its cause when, in 1991, she embarked on a new career as food writer.

With a breadth of knowledge of the food world, she writes on both of cookery and food related matters as well as travel for the British nationals, including the Financial Times, the Guardian and The Telegraph.  She also writes for magazines such as The Economist's 1843 Magazine, House & Garden, Conde Nast Traveller, Sainsbury's Magazine,  Delicious, Country Life, Countryside Voice (CPRE magazine) and Waitrose Food Illustrated. She writes a blog for Borough Market in London.

She has regularly featured on both radio and television in programmes such as Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 and Channel 4's Weekday Brunch Market.

Not being one of life's techies, this website should be treated as an occasional ongoing project.  “I wanted to create a site that people would enjoy dipping into, whether to find a recipe for supper or to read something interesting. It's a bit quirky as I draw on both past and current work. Where possible, I’ll include photographs and illustrations from some of the brilliant photographers and artists I’ve worked with throughout my career. Toby Glanville, who took my portrait here, was one of the first photographers I worked with, and remains a firm favourite.” 




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