Lucky Dip

Feeling bored? Dip into this section when you feel like being diverted. Who knows what curious facts and tempting recipes you might discover.

As part of the Lucky Dip page, I'm going to dig into my archives and post some of my favourite articles.  The first - Pig Tales - was the first feature I was commissioned to write by The Saturday Independent in 1997.  Dan Burn-Forti's brilliant photos pushed it on to the cover.

If you love the idea of baking, but haven't done much, you might enjoy one of the films I made with the National Trust for Youtube to promote my book National Trust Simply Baking.  You can learn how to make pastry and chanterelle tart (, whisk up a fragrant Buckland Abbey honey cake (, roast pears with rosemary ( or make National Trust scones (  We filmed it in the kitchen of the lovely Greys Court in Oxfordshire.  It was my first experience of baking in an AGA!  

Anyone wishing to cook the sole with beurre noisette (opposite), will find the recipe in the Cook now index. 




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