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Dip into this page for culinary inspiration.  It is based around what I am cooking now, so you'll find lots of seasonal supper dishes for two, lunch-time goodies such as soup and a few gooey puddings, along with my favourite cakes, preserves and such like.   

Seville oranges have returned!  Hurrah! They can be used in place of lemons and in all sorts of dishes.  I've posted up my two favourite marmalade recipes.  The first is a chilli marmalade recipe I created a few years ago. It has an intensely fresh, zingy orange taste. The chunky marmalade is a more traditional bitter sweet marmalade.  It keeps incredibly well.  I'm still eating some I made in 2009 - the marmalade has turned very dark and it has a wonderful rich flavour.  

If you're tempted by any of the dishes shown in the main page photographs on this website, you'll find them listed in the recipe index.  Just click on to the button 'click here for other recipes' at the side of this page. 

If you have any questions or thoughts, just email me on If you're a twitter fan you can follow me on @SybilKapoor and you can get an alert from my website, whenever I post a new recipe or feature.   

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