Citrus and Spice - A Year of Flavour

`As well as a highly original cookbook, Sybil Kapoor has written a guide to the essence of flavour ’ BBC Good Food. 

‘In Citrus and Spice Sybil combines scientific knowledge with the pure emotional wonderment that food and cooking can bring and does so in such a delicious way both in her recipes and through her text .’   Heston Blumenthal.

Citrus and Spice is a recipe book about flavour and was written as a follow-on from Taste.  Just as Taste is about cooking with the five tastes, so Citrus and Spice is about how best to cook with different flavours such as ozone, floral and verdant. Many cooks confuse taste and flavour. The latter is actually smell, but the easiest way to understand the difference is to crush a bay leaf, sniff it and eat a tiny piece. Its familiar smell is the flavour you detect in your food, but its taste is unpleasantly bitter.

The book is divided into the twelve months of the year. Each month is about a different category of flavour, starting with citrus in January and ending with spice in December – hence it’s title.

If you’d like to try some of its recipes, choose from the photos on the home-page of this website (which come from the book) and you’ll find them listed in the recipe index in the Cook now section.  

ISBN:   978-1-84737-221-5 Simon & Schuster, 2009




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